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Casa Rochov


Rochov is a well formed baroque village with 100 inhabitants, situated approximately 10km from Litomerice. Each property forms a clear building line towards the village green. This border is typically articulated by a wall with a gate and a building front. Originally all settlements were agriculture-oriented, big gates were open during the day and the public green buzzing with life.
This changed with the “residential only” way of living. The private got more strictly segregated and the public became sterile.
We were challenged by the client to narrow the division and reconnect these two domains.

The house is designed as a single floor set of rooms with no corridors. Casually arranged interior and exterior spaces are a modern interpretation of the world of rooms and courtyards behind the front facade. Large openings guarantee the connection to the public space.

BY:Kolmo: Lenka Leššová, Martin Hejl | CLIENT » Private investor